Don’t be jealous of somebody’s isolated success.

Life is all about balance. Seeing somebody’s isolated success, such as a sculpted / lean body (whether male or female) means that person has sacrificed many other aspects in their life in order to achieve that success in one area.

I recently spoke to one of my peers in the industry – owner of a well known motorsport / aerospace company and he told me that if you’re having to stay to work long hours in order to make good money (60-100 hours a week), then the business cannot be considered as successful. This is especially true if you have a wife and kids because time with them is more important. It’s not only until your business can continue to operate on it’s own while you take a long vacation, that it can finally be considered “successful”. I hadn’t really thought about it like that before – I always thought the best part of running a business was just not having to answer to anybody above you… however the biggest “perk” and ultimate goal should be to have a self-sustaining and profitable entity.

This brings me back to the title of the post. Ferrari owners are often lamented for not using their coveted cars that many people lust after. They say, “if I had a Ferrari, I would drive it every day!”. What they’re not realizing is that most people who can afford these cars don’t actually have much free time to do anything, much less drive a “Point A to Point A” car. These people are making active sacrifices in order to purchase certain material goods.

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