Modern dating is quite odd

Think about it… going out with strangers you meet through an internet application with the hope of developing some sort of romance. This is a very unnatural concept because romance is not to be force fed. Taking such a business-like approach to the one thing in life that is not meant to be pragmatic… just doesn’t seem to make sense. It’s doomed for failure from the get-go.

I am imagining all the moments of cringeworthy awkward silence, expensive dinner interviews, and the formulaic nights (dinner, a familiar bar, and then the move). Hope to never experience that again.

Haircuts are for degenerates?

When the hell is a working man supposed to get his haircut? Most barbershops around me have Monday-Thursday hours of 10AM-4PM. The average working day schedule is from 9AM-6PM. These barbers will stay open until 8PM on Fridays, run a short shift on Saturdays, and shut down completely on Sundays. What type of clientele is this designed around?

I typically manage to get my haircut 3-4 weeks after the time I’m actually due for one. I walk around with hair in my eyes half the time because my pomade isn’t strong enough to hold it up anymore. All I can think about when I see these kids with a nice fade is that they don’t have jobs. They look fresh as fuck but they blew their entire allowance on it.